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The water well in Awade

The first aid project chosen involved the construction of a water well in Awade, Ethiopia. Collection of the necessary funds began in 2016 and continued throughout the entire year with such great success that at the beginning of 2017 a large part of the project had already been financed. Thus the construction work could begin and in April 2017 the well was already finished. On the 29th of April 2017, its Inauguration took place.

A hearted THANK YOU!

On behalf of the users of the well, we would like to say a big, sincere ‘Thank you!’ to all our customers and business partners. With your purchases in SANUSSTORE, you have made it possible for nearly 600 needy inhabitants of Ethiopia to enjoy direct access to clean drinking water. Remember: a person can live up to two months without food, but only four days without water. Here, once again, water proves to be the true source of life. Water is life.